Perfection at 43,000 feet

Jet It exceeds Transport Canada standards for every flight to ensure the most pleasurable travel experience. Jet It hires only the best pilots and operators to serve our owners and passengers. The majority of our flight crew is composed of industry veterans and second-in-command who have displayed incredible piloting proficiency well beyond the industry’s recommended qualifiers.

Comfortable Performance

Each pilot is focused on mistake-free operations but is also keenly prepared to meet and exceed your service expectations. To ensure our safety record exceeds that of commercial airlines, we conduct continuous safety calls and attend industry conferences to remain updated on safety changes in the industry. In addition, we consistently audit our operations, both internally and externally, to ensure our procedures and practices remain in line with industry best practices.

Trained Leaders

At Jet It, personal development is as important as professional development. For this reason, we invite professional speakers who focus on leadership and decision making to speak to our entire operations team. As an aviation company run by aviators, we recognize that the error chain in aviation incidents typically begins with a poor decision. Thus, we focus on personal development in this area to ensure our pilots are better prepared to make sound decisions in a professional environment.

Where will you go?

Get there faster and stay longer when you Jet It.