Going: Immerse the Soul

Bliss in a Busy World

By CJ Crawford

Shou Sugi Ban House 

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If you’re looking for seclusion and a place to peacefully re-energize in 2021, look no further than Shou Sugi Ban House, a wellness spa and retreat property located in the middle of the Hamptons. The property has retreat spaces and guest studios to fit the needs of every type of trip and traveler. Another primary feature of the Shou Sugi Ban House is its focus on peaceful meditation, reflected in the wabi-sabi design of the studios travelers will reside in. 

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One of the most unique qualities of Shou Sugi Ban House is their specialty: the healing arts. They provide over fourteen multi-sensory experiences aimed toward sending you light and deep healing with techniques and experiences including vibroacoustic therapy, aromatherapy, sleep hypnotherapy, and couples hypnotherapy. These exclusive experiences are surprisingly affordable with a price range of $100 – $900 with most sessions in the $225 – $350 range. In addition, the retreat hosts yoga and meditation sessions, with over twelve styles to choose from including Hatha yoga, flow yoga, tridosha yoga, intention setting, body awakening, and breathwork.

The Copal Retreat

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Another wellness spot is Copal Retreat, an all-inclusive yoga resort located on the coast of the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Situated in a seashore town called Paamul, the retreat is just fifteen minutes north of Playa del Carmen and twenty minutes south of Tulum. The villa has panoramic views of the Caribbean Ocean and cohabitates with peace-inducing coconut palm trees, beautiful tropical wildlife, and includes private beach access.

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The Copal Retreat is a 6-night stay with chef-prepared meals and refreshments included. Each day, you will be immersed in a daily sunrise and sunset yoga session. The resort is run by local inhabitants which is apparent in their cuisine and  traditional musical therapy. In your spare time, you can bicycle on the beach or take to the water on their paddle boards and kayaks. This resort is a lower-cost option for those seeking an immersive wellness experience; their private, beach-front villas average around $300 per night. From exploring a remote cenote, a freshwater sinkhole, and ancient Mayan ruins, Copal Retreat has the optimal blend of exciting adventure and stress relief for travelers.